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The Cutting Edge by the Blacksmith LLC was established in 2004 as a husband and wife team. We offer full sharpening services and made-to-order blacksmithing items in our shop located in Oswego, Illinois.

Tom is a retired Design Engineer with a background in mechanical, electrical and refrigeration fields. He has been a blacksmith for 36 years and has an acute knowledge of metalurgy. Tom is the master Blacksmith at the Blackberry Farm and the Kendall County Historical Society at Lyons Farm.

Pat is a retired RN and along with their two cats, runs the business. She shares a passion for history and archology with Tom.

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Q Why should I service my mower?

Simply put, the yard will look better. Grass will not have the brown look from chewing the grass off. Instead, the grass will be clean cut, green, and very healthy!